Miracles: The Foreplay of Spirit and Intention

I occasionally catch the daily inspirational snippet over at Emergent Village. This one has been pricking my imagination all day.

It’s from Wendy MacLean, a minister in Montreal:

I am the woman who made her son’s lunch and said: “Be sure to share if you see someone in need.”

He knew his brothers and sisters would go without bread that day, so he could bring the extra fish and loaf.

My young lad, with his five barley loaves and two fish, tugged on Simon Peter’s sleeve and said: “Here, you can have these.”

Miracles start long before the event we hear about. The world never hears about the foreplay of spirit and intention. Our part in the miracles is invisible, and blessed. So blessed, so blessing.

Wow… the foreplay of spirit and intention! This so provocative.

I don’t necessarily identify with the mother who made the sack lunch, but I have been wondering what part I can play — as a parent, a husband, a friend — to prepare the way for miracles? I really want to strip away all the distractions that would hinder the intention that might just mingle with the Spirit to bring blessing!

The Bible as a Conversation Starter … not the final word?

God chose not to communicate to us in bullet points, instead he is using poetry, letters, laws, prophecy, proverbs. … So often we use the Bible as a way to end a conversation when I believe it was meant to generate conversation. … The Bible isn’t a blueprint and I think that’s on purpose, … we’re not supposed to have everything spelled out for us, I think we’re supposed to be living in community. … We’re part of this dynamic, ongoing, centuries-old conversation with God and with one another precisely because the Bible is difficult to understand. And I think that’s on purpose, because being a person of faith isn’t about being right, it’s being part of a community, it’s about being in relationships. If we had a blueprint, what would we have to talk about?

Excerpted from Rachel Held Evans, speaking here.

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